Unforgettable Promise

With misery and unhappiness looming around
Confused and frustrated feeling betrayed,
a mind with a simple model of reality,
but a grand imagination for it,
set out on a path to power, promising,
when with fewer limitations,
to not repeat the mistakes of adults who failed us.

Memories layering, fading, distilling to knowledge,
Standing, of what seems to be ages, away,
Left only with vivid memories of emotions,
To fill the silhouette of it used to be,
Forming an image, that of a kid,
with hope, barely buoyant,
Hope that I will not betray him.

Where do I belong?

My home is not my home.
My best friend is not my best company.
Where I’m welcome most is not where I’m the happiest .
Can I ever reciprocate the affection?
Is it happiness I seek?
Am I trying to become who I think I am instead of being the happiest person I can be?


It pains to see pain
It pains to see insensitivity to pain that is not your own
It pains to hear people say pain is reality
It pains to know that there is little you can do even to reduce your own pain or what you do will amount to little
It pains most that I am weak and that I will give up