Hi, I’m Ramanuja Rao Kotaprolu (Ramji)

On an average I spend 2160 hours a year delivering consultation in data science for businesses since 2014. And approximately a year as a research associate before that. Please visit the CV section for more details on it.

During the remainder of the time of my waking life, the time that I have bartered for full time employment, I spend developing ideas and plans for my projects, educating myself through various channels on varied fields of hard and soft sciences to learn a more accurate and robust model of the world, read, watch, listen to material that are thought provoking which fuel what can be perceived as creativity, exploring music from across the globe as a means of experiencing the culmination of emotional states of the locality, participating in group activities such as debates, philosophical discussions, hackathons, support causes like Effective Altruism, amongst other things, all of which are extremely gratifying.

At times my appreciation for poetry would trigger funneling my thoughts usually arbitrarary in to words in a manner that I find pleasing. They seldom are to a point, but reflective of state of my mind. I welcome you to quench your curiosity reading through the wrintings page. And other times more posaic writings win a share of my time and some of them make to blog posts.